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GD/PI for admission in 2018-20 Batch on every working saturday.


The curriculum is designed to maximize the interaction among the participants through changing core teams and extensive work group studies. We believe in the motto of learning to learn which is evident in our reflective professionalism through numerous assignments, projects, personality development programmes and interactive case discussions of national and international firms.

S.No Semester-Code Semester-Subject
1 S1-01 Management Concept & Theories
2 S1-02 Organisational Behaviour
3 S1-03 Operations Management
4 S1-04 Quantitative Techniques
5 S1-05 Marketing Management
6 S1-06 Financial & Management Accounting
7 S1-07 Human Resource Management
8 S1-08 Information Management
9 S1-09 Managerial Economics
10 S1-10 Written & Oral Communication
S.No Semester-Code Semester-Subject
1 S2-01 Business Research Methods
2 S2-02 Business Environment
3 S2-03 Financial Management
4 S2-04 Organisational Structure & Design
5 S2-05 Strategic Management Concepts
6 S2-06 Elective-1
7 S2-07 Elective-2
8 S2-08 Elective-3
9 S2-09 Elective-4
10 S2-10 Elective-5
S.No Semester-Code Semester-Subject
1 S3-01 Managerial Decision Analysis
2 S3-02 Management Information System
3 S3-03 International Business Environment
4 S3-04 Strategic Management Application
5 S3-05 Leadership
6 S3-06 Elective-6
7 S3-07 Elective-7
8 S3-08 Elective-8
9 S3-09 Elective-9
10 S3-10 Elective-10
S.No Semester-Code Semester-Subject
1 S4-01 Entrepreneurship Management
2 S4-02 Legal Aspect of Business
3 S4-03 Total Quality Management
4 S2-04 Summer Training Project
5 S2-05 Grand Viva
Total Papers: 10+10+10 + 5 = 35